• Hempedu Bumi Against Covid-19?

    Why Thailand Approved Hempedu Bumi to Treat Early-Stage Covid-19? Recently, we are revealed to the news that Thailand approved the use of herbs Andrographis paniculate to treat early stage of Covid-19. The herbs treatment was offered to Covid-19 patients in age range between 18- 60 years’ old who... View Post
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    Years ago, coconut has received an undeserved bad reputation. Most people receive negative publicity regarding coconut due to its saturated fat composition. But how far the views are true enough? This article would clear the misunderstanding of the coconut and reveal the miracle side of it. We as... View Post
  • Just 1 teaspoon per day of MCT Oil prevents muscle decline in the elderly

    A recent study in Japan showed an increase in muscle strength after taking MCT Oil for only 3 months The loss of muscle strength and frailty in the elderly is a serious factor that predisposes to a more sedentary lifestyle and multiple additional health risk factors. In a study published this mo... View Post
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    We are all genetically hot-wired to love fruits, there is no question about that. Our love for the juicy burst of sweetness needs to be respected in terms of its role in both health and disease. Not all fruits are created equally and some should only ever be eaten in small quantities, while other... View Post
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  • How to add MCT Oil to your diet and common mistakes

    MCT Oil is fully absorbed 15 minutes after consuming and is rapidly converted into ketones in your liver for immediate energy. Optimum ketone levels may be measured and are responsible for the beneficial effects of the ketogenic diet. What very few people realize however is that there is a right ... View Post
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    Holistic health is based on the principle of treating the whole person, not the isolated parts and viewing the patient as an individual and not by their disease. The evolving understanding of how genetic influences, diet and lifestyle factors combine to influence our health is confirming the holi... View Post
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    As discussed in our blog last week: THE COCONUT KITCHEN - The importance of coconut superfoods - the essential addition to our diets is to cook with Odourless Coconut Oil (removing processed inflammatory vegetable oils from corn, soya, canola, sunflower etc.). While this may sound controversial t... View Post