• Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet

    Fasting & Feasting Our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors had to labour extremely hard to provide sufficient food supplies for their family and tribal community. They dealt with the constant dietary pressure of fasting and feasting depending on seasonal factors and food availability. Their d... View Post
  • The low fat diet was a failed global experiment

    In the 1960’s a scientist named Ancel Keys published a highly flawed study (and since fully discredited) whereby he cherry picked global dietary habits and disease statistics to prove his hypothesis that saturated fats, not excessive sugars, cause heart disease. Despite scientists being highly di... View Post
  • The slow return of Coconut Oil to Malaysian kitchens

    This past 40 years we have been instructed to cook with the most harmful kinds of refined fats and oils and to avoid the most important ones that we have relied upon since the dawn of human history. Virgin coconut oil is one of the most important oils to support health yet until very recently it ... View Post