Just 1 teaspoon per day of MCT Oil prevents muscle decline in the elderly

A recent study in Japan showed an increase in muscle strength after taking MCT Oil for only 3 months

The loss of muscle strength and frailty in the elderly is a serious factor that predisposes to a more sedentary lifestyle and multiple additional health risk factors. In a study published this month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 64 fail elderly nursing home residents in Japan with an average age of 85.5 years old who were given just 6ml of MCT Oil (approximately 1 teaspoon) per day. The best results on improved muscle strength and function were seen after taking MCT Oil for just 3 consecutive months and no additional nutrients were necessary to achieve this effect.

Age related muscle decline is normal but highly preventable

The natural muscle loss that occurs with ageing is known as sarcopenia and after the age of 50 we lose around 1% of our muscle mass each year. More than just a loss in muscle mass and hand grip strength, our existing muscle is more prone to muscle atrophy (shrinking in muscle size and integrity), a reduction in muscle tissue quality, replacement of muscle fibres with fat and muscle fibrosis. Safeguarding muscle integrity as we age is seen as an essential part of improving longevity, enhancing mobility and reducing disease. This study was very interesting at it focused on very senior frail patients already in a low mobility nursing home environment and supplemented with MCT Oil, something not found traditionally in a Japanese diet. More importantly, when LCT Oils were administered in a control group (regular processed Omega 6 vegetable oils) then there was an actual 12% decline in leg muscle strength from baseline, compared to a 48% increase in the MCT Oil group. Therefore it can be seen that the vegetable oils we use in our house, and especially those used in cooking by our parents and senior citizens is inadvertently accelerating or delaying age-related muscular decline without anyone being aware.

MCT Oil boosts muscle strength and function in the elderly

What if we had a supplement that both improved energy, willingness to exercise and muscle growth in the elderly - all in one?

MCT Oil has been used as an ingredient in muscle building / gym fitness formulas for many years but this study points to a whole new category of use in the elderly to not only prevent age-related muscle decline but to as a support to encourage more exercise and accelerate muscle growth and strength. Anyone who regularly takes MCT Oil knows that it improves energy and this is why 1 teaspoon is often taken in ones morning tea or coffee.

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To see the study, click here.

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