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  • Can MCT Oil boost our brains?

    What is MCT Oil? MCT Oil refers to Medium Chain Triglycerides, a form of naturally occurring fats found in a selection of plants and foods including coconut oil, palm kernal oil and high-fat dairy products like butter and cheese. The difference between MCT Oils and regular supermarket vegetable o... View Post
  • Biohacking comes to Malaysia

    What is biohacking?

    Biohackers are a subculture of lifestyle pioneers with the goal to liberate themselves from the limitations of nature, age, disease and dependence on outdated models of health. With a foundation of human evolutionary biology, it incorporates intermittent fasting with specific dietary and supplemental tweaks and biofeedback technologies to provide evidence-based results in real-time. This new technology based approach to wellness is now taking Malaysia by storm!

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  • Let Coffee be thy Medicine

    Let coffee be thy medicine and medicine be thy coffee. This is an adaptation of the famous quote from the Greek Physician Hippocrates. Of course he was mentioning diet as the pillar of health and indeed some 2,500 years later we are still having to be reminded that diet is far more important tha... View Post
  • Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison? Fudged Research and Current Science

    Sensational international headline “Coconut Oil is pure poison” says Harvard Doctor While the latest research has radically changed the understanding of cholesterol and the essential role of healthy saturated fats, many medical professionals have not kept up to date and are unfortunately still ... View Post
  • Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet

    Fasting & Feasting Our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors had to labour extremely hard to provide sufficient food supplies for their family and tribal community. They dealt with the constant dietary pressure of fasting and feasting depending on seasonal factors and food availability. Their d... View Post
  • The slow return of Coconut Oil to Malaysian kitchens

    This past 40 years we have been instructed to cook with the most harmful kinds of refined fats and oils and to avoid the most important ones that we have relied upon since the dawn of human history. Virgin coconut oil is one of the most important oils to support health yet until very recently it ... View Post
  • What does Yak Butter Tea, an ancient drink of Himalayan Tibetans, have in common with coconuts?

    What does Yak Butter Tea, an ancient drink of Himalayan Tibetans, have in common with coconuts? They are both rich in good fats and are combined as the central ingredients in the global bulletproof coffee craze! View Post
  • Tongkat Ali has been scientifically proven to support male vitality and it's no joke!

    Much has changed in regards the scientific understanding of Tongkat Ali since we launched the worlds first capsules 20 years ago in Malaysian pharmacies. However, we still have a long way to go for Malaysians and the rest of the world to truly appreciate this most unique herb for supporting male ... View Post