• MCT Oil, your intestinal microbiome and prevention of a leaky gut

    In order to reap the many benefits of adding MCT Oil to your life, there's some important facts to understand first and this article is a continuation into the importance of MCT Oil comprising of pure Caprylic and Capric acids. Here we dive deeper into how to start making MCT oil a "must have" in... View Post
  • How to add MCT Oil to your diet and common mistakes

    MCT Oil is fully absorbed 15 minutes after consuming and is rapidly converted into ketones in your liver for immediate energy. Optimum ketone levels may be measured and are responsible for the beneficial effects of the ketogenic diet. What very few people realize however is that there is a right ... View Post
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    Holistic health is based on the principle of treating the whole person, not the isolated parts and viewing the patient as an individual and not by their disease. The evolving understanding of how genetic influences, diet and lifestyle factors combine to influence our health is confirming the holi... View Post
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    As discussed in our blog last week: THE COCONUT KITCHEN - The importance of coconut superfoods - the essential addition to our diets is to cook with Odourless Coconut Oil (removing processed inflammatory vegetable oils from corn, soya, canola, sunflower etc.). While this may sound controversial t... View Post
  • The Coconut Kitchen – the importance of Coconut Superfoods

    In Malaysia and all tropical Asian climates, coconuts are an essential dietary ingredient. What is less well know however is that every one of these many food products that come from the humble coconut tree qualifiy as superfoods for their unique nutrient density and ability to support immunity, ... View Post
  • Why make Keto Fat Bombs?

    Why make Keto Fat Bombs? Keto Fat Bombs are an essential part of the Keto and low carb diet and a healthy guilt-free treat the whole family will love. View Post
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