A Keto Diet Meal Plan Feat Rainforest Herbs Products

This reading is crucial for beginner or new viewer of Keto Diet. Often, we heard that people misunderstood Keto Diet. They thought that by applying this diet, the person only eats bacon, meat or cheese while the rest of food class must be avoided. Well, if you have that kind of mindset, you need to get more understanding towards Keto Diet.

Keto Diet Portion Plate

Everyone needs to know that Keto Diet consists of eating high healthy fats, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates (net carbs). By having ratio of 75% healthy fat, 20% lean protein and 5% of net carbs, you should achieve ketosis state, a metabolic state that allow your body to converts fat into ketone energy which is cleaner and slowly adapted as a primary source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Keto Diet also avoid gluten, processed food, artificial foods, sugar and sweeteners. This kind of food what we called as inflammatory food.

Sometimes, people also think Keto Diet is to load all kind of fats and be excessive in fat. If you are already fat adapted, there is no necessary in adding more fat to your intake. You must choose wisely which food you can eat and avoid in Keto Diet. Also, you must know how to differentiate between healthy fats and bad fats. Bad fats included trans-fats, hydrogenated fats, and processed meats. Unsaturated fats are not advised to be used as cooking oil because of its low smoke point, resulted in toxicity when used in high temperature.

While, healthy fats can be obtained in red meat, chicken breast, avocados, salmon, and coconut oil. Don’t forget your protein! Protein is very crucial for your body as the source for cell replenishment and growth. But too much protein will later can be converted into glucose, which we should avoid in Keto Diet. Meanwhile carbs such as fiber are good to keep your digestive system healthy. Net carbs simply refers to total carbs subtract the fiber. Furthermore, fiber is indigestible and its value not significantly impact blood sugar levels. Thus, by following the Keto Diet Portion Plate ratio should be sufficient enough.

Keto Diet Meal Plan

In order to be consistent on having the ideal ratio of Keto Diet plate, meal planning is essential. For whom just started, keep in mind that you need to enjoy your food intake. Too strict may cause distress in diet whereas to lean, resulted in good for nothing. In addition, Keto Diet is one of a way for weigh management but indeed is a great healthy diet to practice especially for those who having insulin intolerance. A good way to start is to plan your keto meal. There are several ways on getting into keto. Some people will try for intermittent fasting and some will have 3/5 meals per day plan. The best is 5 meals per day. For those who want to try without fasting, you can try the latter.

When we say diet, everyone will think of cutting food intake and in the end will have insufficient food consumption. That is totally wrong. Five meals plan is a meal plan that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacking time. Snacking between meal time should be essential to help moderate hunger and allow you to enjoy food while still keeping on track. But remember to check on the calorie intake while snacking. Too much of snacking could contribute to weigh gain. Here some Rainforest Herbs products that you can use along with a keto meal plan.


Breakfast while on Keto Diet is not that hard. You only need to know what you can’t eat and what fill the option. For example, you can start your breakfast by including eggs, avocado, lean protein meat and low carb vegetables with keto bread. To make your breakfast tastier, you can add up with keto supplement. Rainforest Herbs products always help in enhancing the taste and provide you high ratio of healthy fats on your keto day.

Not everyone can have the time to prepare the breakfast on hectic work day. You can have our KetoCrème Drink that provide you more time, flexible, easy and instant. We simply serve you different flavor of KetoCrème Drink such as Original, Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla Collagen flavor. You can also mix for any two of combination. Just choose which suits your day. However, always remember, ideal breakfast time range is between 6.00 am – 9.00 am. Always take your keto supplement with a meal to avoid any grumpiness on your stomach on early day.


Lunch is essential as we already working our half day. Ideal lunch time is between 12.30 pm – 3.00 pm. Having a great lunch meal may help you in sustaining yourself for cravenness and suppress hunger later on. Late lunch will tend to make you eat more than needed. Your lunch must compromise of the portion plate ratio. To be on Keto Diet, your meal must be made by gluten free, keto friendly and a lot of healthy fats. Here, you can use our Rainforest Herbs Organic Odorless Coconut Oil as healthy cooking oil. This oil is heat stand and maintain the fats as they are compared to unsaturated cooking oil. You can also use Rainforest Herbs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to enrich the flavor with coconut aroma taste. Meanwhile, you can use Organic Coconut Flour or Low Carb Breadmix to make Keto Wrap or Bread. Quick tips, lunch is essential but you don’t have time, so get your time to have meal prep. You can prepare early Keto Wrap and Keto Bread on weekend. Cut them in slices and stored in frozen. Heat them up quickly in time and ready to be eaten! Prep all the basic ingredient in bulk and choose simple recipe to make. In that way, you always can be consistent in having Keto Meal.


Often people will take dinner in larger plate, assuming that is okay to do that after having a full workload day. Actually, we need to know the ideal dinner time is between 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Plus, too much of loaded food intake will prolong the digestion time. Our stomach usually needs 3-4 hours to digest the food completely. So, i

t is not great to have heavy portion with late dinner time. When we eat late, the calorie intake is not properly digested and this will lead to indigestion and heartburn. Recent research studies show that eating late between 9pm – 11pm resulted in high blood pressure and cholesterol. An appropriate portion of dinner plate allow our stomach to digest food comfortably and hence, get enough and good sleep. You may add Rainforeste Herbs MCT Oil in your salads and bacon to get enough healthy fats if you feel the fats are not complete enough. Also, you can try Rainforest Herbs Intelligen C8 Oil to allow instant energy towards our brain, replenish the energy brain for the next day.


Snacking must be between breakfast-lunch and lunch-dinner time. This helps you to sustain hunger and make you eat less during the main meal. Here, you can have our Rainforest Herbs Organic YumYum Coconut Butter to be spread to the Keto Bread or any Keto Fruit. Do not overload during snacking as it will increase up your calorie intake and tend to weight up. A plenty of plain water also help us to control our food intake since water is zero calorie and its easy to fill up your hunger by drinking a lot of plain water. Electrolyte such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium are also essential as insulin levels remain lower in Keto Diet, resulting in limited electrolyte excreted by kidney. We are advised to increase up electrolyte by consuming keto fruits or vegetables that high in electrolytes. Snack time would be the ideal time as it not affected the main meal. We are suggested to have our snack time during 10.00am -11.00 am and 4.30pm - 5.30pm.

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