Virgin Coconut Oil Distributors

Why Choose Us

Rainforest Herbs is one of the leading virgin coconut oil distributors in Malaysia effectively provides our clients with high-quality, pure products. We intend to meet the demands of clients and suppliers all around the world by focusing on quality, dependability, and service. Our mission is to provide quality coconut products to our wholesale clients at the right price and at the right time.

Halal And MeSTI Accredited

Our coconut oil is Halal certified. Rainforest Herbs coconut oil is manufactured based on MeSTI standards. This makes our products consumable by everyone. We ensure that all of our coconut oils are produced hygienically and machinery is sanitary at all times. We have partnered with major retail chains like GNC, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Caring Pharmacy, Village Grocer and many more to distribute our coconut oils. We are still actively looking for coconut oil distributors from within and outside Malaysia.

Competitive Price

We distribute our coconut oils at competitive prices to make them accessible to our end consumers and wholesalers. Rainforest Herbs’ coconut oil distributors aim is to ensure that people have the opportunity to purchase healthier oil alternatives at affordable prices. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy lifestyle without breaking their banks. Our wholesalers will be given an attractive discount when they become our virgin coconut oil distributors.

Ethically Sourced Coconuts

Rainforest Herbs, a pioneer in coconut product innovation, believes that the best goods start at the source. We collaborate closely with long-term supply contracts as well as several certified organic coconut oil producers and farmers to assure enough supply, especially during fluctuations. We ensure that the coconuts we use to produce coconut oil are superior in quality and harvested at the right time to ensure the taste and texture of the coconut oil are not compromised.

The Best Coconut Oil In The Market

We ensure that our coconut oil is superior in quality. Every batch goes through extensive quality control. If you are interested to become a distributor, we promise that you will be guided throughout the process and we will provide you with free after-sales and consultation services.