Tongkat Ali Bulk Supply

Tongkat Ali has been scientifically proven to support male vitality and now has been widely supplied over the whole world.

Rainforest Herbs is one of the leading Tongkat Ali Extract in Malaysia effectively provides our clients with high-quality, pure products. We intend to meet the demands of clients and suppliers all around the world by focusing on quality, dependability, and service. Our mission is to provide quality Tongkat Ali products to our wholesale clients and manufacturers at the right price and at the right time.

Halal and NPRA Accredited

Our Tongkat Ali Extracts are Halal certified. Rainforest Herbs Tongkat Ali Extracts are processed based on NPRA standards. This makes our products the greatest choice in making herbal beverages and supplements. We ensure that all of our Tongkat Ali Extracts are produced hygienically following the SOP and machinery is sanitary at all times. We have partnered with wide range of independent Pharmacies including Caring Pharmacy and many more to distribute our tongkat ali products. We are available to give free consultation with our herbalist expertise to those who concern on men vitality's issue and herbal manufacturers within and outside Malaysia.

Competitive Price

We distribute our Tongkat Ali Extracts at competitive prices to make them accessible to our end consumers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Our aim is to ensure that people have the opportunity to purchase tongkat ali in bulk supply at affordable prices. We believe that every manufacturers who concerns on the product quality also deserves to get them in more efficient supply. Our wholesalers also will be given an attractive discount when they interested to become our Tongkat Ali distributors.

FRIM Accredited Eurycomanone Analysis

Tongkat Ali extract must be tested for it's Eurycomanone content and not for the outdated "ratio method" that is completely unverifiable and unprofessional. Rainforest Herbs, a pioneer in Tongkat Ali product innovation, believes that we must conveyed a good extract of Tongkat Ali with proven scientific analysis. We collaborate closely with FRIM in a long term to maintain our standardized eurycomanone content in our Tongkat Ali Extract. We provide our clients with proven analysis report with terms apply.

More than 22 Years Accredibility of Tongkat Ali In The Malaysia Market

We ensure that our Tongkat Ali is superior in quality. Starting in 1994, Rainforest Herbs' research team had focused on testing this herb locally and abroad and developing a standardized Tongkat Ali extract we could offer in Malaysian pharmacies and manufacturers. Every batch goes through extensive quality control. If you are interested with our Tongkat Ali Extracts, we promise that you will be guided throughout the process and we will provide you with free after-sales and consultation services.