• a herbal biohack

    to reset your biological age

  • energy

    to do what

    you love

  • coconut superfoods

    the missing link in modern diets

  • supercharge

    your morning coffee

  • low carb solutions

    to build muscle & lose weight

what is biohacking?

Biohackers are a subculture of lifestyle pioneers with the goal to liberate themselves from the limitations of nature, age, disease and dependence on outdated models of health. With a foundation of human evolutionary biology, it incorporates intermittent fasting with specific dietary and supplemental tweaks and biofeedback technologies to provide evidence-based results in real-time.

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Rainforest Herbs Professional Products

Rainforest Herbs products have evolved from our pioneering research and development since 1995. We have sought out the most important herbal remedies, oils and spices used for centuries in Southeast Asia and developed these into premium quality organic functional foods & supplements. We invite you to take a deeper look into the riches of the rainforest.