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Rainforest Herbs Malaysia

Coconut Oil Supplier


Prevention is the cure. We can start today by transforming health via diet and fitness. We help people who concern on their health and body fitness by sourcing a high quality with a complete range of coconut superfood, mct energy products and some herbal biohack so that they can have alternative energy fuel, transforming into a healthy lifestyle without having a hard time concerning their health issue by using our qualified and certified with scientific proven health supplement and functional food. Free health consultation with our herbalist expertise.


Life by design, not by default

We all have the opportunity every moment to transform our life, fitness, health and emotional well-being.



Why Choose Us

  • Wholesale Prices Are you a health supplement distributor or own a pharmacy? If you are interested in distributing Rainforest Herbs Malaysia products, we also offer attractive wholesale prices. We have partnered with GNC, Caring Pharmacy, Village Grocer and many more. Feel free to contact us for more info.
  • Guidelines Provided When you become a distributor of Rainforest Herbs, our support team will ensure you are guided throughout the process. We will provide you with briefs about our products and their health benefits, so you are equipped with the knowledge to help your customers if they ask you questions.
  • Support Team When you become one of our distributors, we will provide after-sales and consultation services for free. If at all you have any questions or stumble across problems, our support team will be happy to provide you with the assistance needed. We will work with you to come up with solutions to problems.

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Do Customers Satisfy With Us?

  • "You guys are great! I drink bulletproof coffee every single day and I just ran out of MCT oil so I placed my order immediately and the shipment arrived the next day!" On Intelligen C8 MCT Oil 500ml
    - Jaly L. Verified Buyer
  • "KetoCrème Original Powder 250gm - This KetoCreme powder is so yummy!! It works just like creamer but way healthier. Recommended!"
    - Hayati I. Verified Buyer
  • "Helps reduce inflammation for me I have nasal congestion caused by inflammation and was pleasantly surprised that this product helped ease it. It is also great tasting and I frequently just add it to plain water for consumption. The delivery service is fast and the owner Ben, is very responsive to queries" On Turmeric Liquid Gold 120mls
    - Joseph W. Verified Buyer
  • "Superior Tongkat Ali - Been taking Tongkat Ali for many years from various suppliers. Taking Tonex for about a week and a half now. Tonex is hands down the best Tongkat I have ever experienced. Feeling results in this short period of time"
    - Steve M. Verified Buyer
  • "KetoCreme Coffee Powder - It’s got a great taste. Easy to prepare ... just add hot water to one scoop of the coffee ... tastes great even without the sugar"
    - Kelana S. Verified Buyer
  • "Your service was excellent!- it's my second purchase in RH's online shop, i am satisfied with the delivery timeline and always received my stuff in good hands. Thank you and will sure shop from RH again whenever i think of COCONUT ! :-)" On Body Hack Coconut MCT Oil 500ml
    - Ai t. Verified Buyer
  • “This is my second time bought the Tongkat Ali Powder Extract Extra and I am very satisfied with the product, the best tongkat ali powder you can get. The service is reliably fast and very well packaging to secure the item. I will continue to patronise with Rainforest Herbs and thanks to them for efficiency in handling their product. Recommended.”
    - Mahadar H: Tongkat Ali Powder Extract EXTRA
  • “I gave the bottle to someone I know who suffers from Alzheimer. The feedback I got from the caregiver is that the person can now sleep right through the night and is doing fine. That is great news. I plan to buy some more to give to my own parents”
    - Farah T: Intelligen C8 MCT Oil 500ml
  • “really satisfy with the purchase, arrive and well packed. fractionated coconut oil really work well when contact on skin and could be using as base oil for any skin care regime”
    - Azlan Z: Fractionated Coconut Oil 5 litres
  • “My second purchase for this product. No complaints so far. This product works as advertised, and i would know as a long time user of tongkat ali. Just wish it was 500 mg per capsule instead. My buddy who reviewed before me was my recommendation as well, and he also agrees this is a good product”
    - Steven: E-P Tongkat Ali 120 capsules