Story of Our Herbalist Expertise

After completing studies in Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medical Herbalism, Ben Drewe started his herbal practice in Malaysia in 1991 and straight away began researching and developing products based on Malaysian and Indonesian tropical herbs, oils and spices utilized by the indigenous races in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The project was initiated with a group of friends passionate about all the undiscovered natural remedies found in the rainforests comprising Scientists, Western Naturopaths, Biotechnologists, Food Chemists, Ethnobotanists and local traditional healers and native medicine men. The team are passionate about developing cutting-edge health products and teaching clients how to transform their health via diet, fitness and alternative medicine.

Nowadays, Ben Drewe has his own manufacturing site with the branding of Rainforest Herbs specialized in organic remedies and health foods based on Southeast Asian tropical herbs, spices, functional foods and oils that are sold nationwide in thousands of pharmacies, health food stores and major retail chains around Malaysia and abroad. He educates the importance of transforming our health via diet and fitness with new and trending concept of Ketogenic Diet; low carb and high fat with intermittent fasting.