Our Company - Asia Botanicals Sdn Bhd

Our Purpose

To develop cutting edge health and food products with the aim of educating people how to transform and empowering health via diet, fitness and natural traditional medicine.

Our Mission

To continually educate the importance of health awareness to people who have health concern via diet, fitness and natural alternative traditional medicine and develop new food and health products that come to you with the right choices.

Our Core Values

Empowering Health - Providing food and health supplements with providing health awareness via diet and fitness to those in need

Hygiene - We ensure that all our products are produced hygienically, always of superior quality and adhere to the guidelines set by MeSTI and HALAL.

Scientific Proven - We ensure to update our products developed is scientific proven based on the recent scientific journal by worldwide scientists and researchers.

Affordable - We strive to bring food and healthy supplements at an affordable price.