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Intelligen C8 MCT Oil 500ml


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Intelligin C8 MCT Oil with Tocotrienols for brain function and memory

Intelligen C8 with Caprylic Acid and Tocotrienols is a revolutionary bulletproof coffee ingredient and liquid focus fuel!

INTELLIGEN C8 MCT Oil is more than 10 times stronger than regular coconut oil in Caprylic acid (C8). Of all the Medium Chain Triglycerides, Caprylic acid is metabolized the fastest into ketones that the brain can use for instant energy without the need for glucose from carbohydrates or sugar. Intelligen C8 proprietary blend also contains full spectrum Tocotrienols, the rarest and most bioavailable of all the Vitamin E family found in their highest concentration only in red palm fruit.

C8 has the fastest metabolism of all MCT's and is the preferred choice for those who have sensitive stomachs to conventional MCT Oil. C8 MCT Oil is completely odourless, tasteless and mixes easily into your daily energy beverage.

Simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons in your morning coffee, smoothie, protein shake or use as a salad dressing. Try adding a pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt or natural Sea Salt to your MCT drinks as well.


Sustainably Sourced Intelligen C8 MCT Oil for the perfect bulletproof brain coffeeAt Rainforest Herbs we have made environmental protection and support of indigenous rural communities and wildlife our priority since our project began in 1994 and when sourcing oil palm products we only work with 100% sustainably sourced & certified producers.