What does Yak Butter Tea, an ancient drink of Himalayan Tibetans, have in common with coconuts?

They are both rich in good fats and are combined as the central ingredients in the global bulletproof coffee trend, to understand what is driving this popular drink, please read on.

Yak Butter Tea: A 10th Century Himalayan Daily Ritual

Yab Butter Tea inspired the Bulletproof Coffee MCT Oil popularityThe custom of drinking Yak Butter Tea has been commonplace in the upper Himalayas for over 1,000 years. The mixture of high quality tea and yak butter creates a thick, dark liquid. This rich drink provided the energy, alertness and tolerance of cold needed for the extreme environment of the mountains. What could we benefit from this ancient discovery?

Bulletproof Coffee: A 21st Century Technological Bio Hack

The Bulletproof Coffee Diet is a new approach to health and weight loss that has gained traction globally. Invented by "biohacker" Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee is a simple mixture of premium coffee, butter, and MCT oil.

In 2004, after selling his Silicon Valley IT business, Dave was on a trekking journey in Tibet when he encountered Yak Butter Tea for the first time.

Exhausted from the 18,000-foot elevation and - 23°C (-10°F) temperature, he staggered into a guesthouse and was offered the tea by an elderly Tibetan lady. His first cup of the tea supplied instant warmth and energy despite the harsh environment. He was immediately hooked.

Stage 1: Coffee + Grass-Fed Butter

Butter Coffee healthy fatsBack in the States, Dave began his journey of researching the properties of Yak Butter Tea. He wanted to discover what could have caused such a fast boost in energy and alertness. As an alternative to yak butter, he began adding grass-fed butter to coffee and experienced a similar effect. He also discovered his appetite reduced and he began losing weight.

His quest to discover the secret of Yak Butter soon led him to discover that it was the saturated fatty acids in butter that made the difference. The body is able to quickly break down saturated fats and transport them to the liver where they are burned for fuel. He also found that caffeine helped to speed the release of these fatty acids into the bloodstream. Additionally, he discovered that butter is rich in other vitamins and butyrate (a short chain fatty acid). These properties both improve cognitive health and reduce inflammation.

Stage 2: Coffee + Grass-Fed Butter + VCO

Rainforest Herbs VCO for Bulletproof CoffeeAsprey's curiosity soon led him to find that of all different kinds of fats and oils, it was the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) found in their highest concentration in virgin coconut oil (VCO) that are metabolized and converted to energy the fastest in the body. In addition, the byproduct of this energy from MCT's was the unique production of ketones, which are increasingly being understood as the cleanest energy for body and brain with multiple additional health benefits.

Dave then started experimenting with the addition of coconut oil to his butter and coffee mix. This took the effect up another notch and his research started getting stronger results. VCO contains approximately 65% MCT's but Lauric Acid which makes up around 50% of VCO is considered a slower acting MCT, as it behaves more like a Long Chain Fatty Acid as it breaks down slower than the 2 most potent MCTs, Caprylic and Capric Acids. Dave's goal was to maximize concentration of quickly metabolized MCTs to get the maximum effect from the production of ketones when he came across MCT Oil that is made from the fractionation of the 2 most important fatty acids; Caprylic and Capric Acids from either Coconut Oil or Palm Kernal Oil. While these are normally only present at around 16% of all the fats in VCO, by this process they final product contained 100%. In PART 2 we'll give more info on the effects and functions of MCT Oil.

Stage 3: Coffee + Grass-Fed Butter + MCT Oil

Understanding medium chain triglycerides - fatty acid chart

This formula of premium black coffee + grass-fed butter + MCT oil is what Bulletproof Coffee aficionados around the world enjoy today.

Rainforest Herbs MCT + Coconut Butter Bulletproof CoffeeAt Rainforest Herbs, our MCT Coffee formula has been modified from the original bulletproof coffee formula to make it more acceptable for Asian taste and accessible for those who don’t consume dairy.

We blend delicious organic coconut butter with high-strength coconut source MCT oil as a replacement for the regular butter + oil formula. Not only is this dairy-free, we believe it’s even more tasty, higher in MCT's and reduces appetite faster!

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