Let Coffee be thy Medicine

Let coffee be thy medicine and medicine be thy coffee. This is an adaptation of the famous quote from the Greek Physician Hippocrates. Of course he was mentioning diet as the pillar of health and indeed some 2,500 years later we are still having to be reminded that diet is far more important than some magic pills to maintain health and longevity. Prevention is always better than seeking a cure when disease has already taken hold.

Yemen - the origin of coffee

Roasted Coffee is an 800 year old Arabian herbal medicine

Roasted coffee is a powerful herbal drink that historical records show has been consumed since the 13th century in Yemen by the Muslim community for its ability to promote alertness, which proved useful during long prayer sessions. Modern scientific studies show those who drink a few cups of coffee a day live longer and enjoy greater cognitive health based on analyzing data from 450,000 people. Coffee contains over 800 volatile compounds with caffeine and chlorogenic acid being the most well studied. consumption has been studied to provide health benefits including the following:

  • Protection from Parkinson’s disease
  • Protection from cardiovascular disease
  • Prevents Type 2 diabetes
  • Protects from liver and gallbladder disease
  • Improvement in age-related cognitive function
  • Reduced risk for depression
  • Studies on the active antioxidant ingredient in coffee, chlorogenic acid, have proven it supports all of the above and also possesses potent anti-carcinogenic effects.

Get creative adding MCT Oil to Bulletproof your favourite morning Coffee or drink!

While there's many creative ways to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, there's an even greater number of ways to transform that coffee into delicious ketogenic fat burning beverages. The chief ingredient to make bulletproof coffee is  Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT Oil), a unique fatty acid found in their highest concentration in tropical oils ; coconut oil and palm kernal oil. When fully extracted by a process of fractionation and distillation the most sought after of these MCT's for energy enhancement and fat burning are Caprylic Acid (C8) and Capric Acid (C10). These pure MCT Oils may be converted into a powder via spray drying that enhances their versatility, taste and digestability. Click here to see our full range of MCT Products.

Yak Butter Tea - the original bulletproof drink

The Original Bulletproof Drink - Yak Butter Tea

Bulletproof coffee started as a modern rendition of the traditional Yak Butter Tea drink of all traditional cultures of the Himalayas and Central Asia. The difference being, black tea was replaced by coffee and concentrated pure MCT's and coconut oil, the fastest metabolizing fatty acid of all oils and fats, replaced the use of only butter. While a small amount of MCT's are found in butter they are found in their highest concentration in coconut oil. MCT's are the only oils or fats that are converted quickly to energy in the liver and assist us in switching on our innate fat burning metabolism.

When the body burns MCT's for energy (instead of sugars) then ketones are produced that act as the "jet fuel" of cellular energy supporting enhanced physical and mental functioning. This is an intrinsic part of our DNA programing, to switch from fat accumulation (when carbohydrates are in abundance) to fat burning when seasonal changes, droughts and food shortages make us dependent on our stored body fat for energy and survival.

The essence of the health benefits of having your morning sugar-free bulletproof coffee is that it is a fun and enjoyable way to trick the body into thinking we are in an intermittent fasting (IM) state and all the health, longevity and weight loss benefits that brings. Check out some of our recommendations below:

Keto Diet Bulletproof Coffee Malaysia menu from Rainforest Herbs

Next Generation Bulletproof Coffee + Herbal Medicine

One of the biggest challenges in experiencing the benefit of herbal medicine is compliance, which means that unless we take the herbs daily we will not see the benefit as many of us just forget or fail to meet the therapeutic recommended dosage. For coffee lovers their required morning brew is a daily affair and what better way than making this a ritual for added health effects as well. Adding MCT Oil and healthy fats to coffee is really only the beginning and there’s many other formulations that can be enjoyed, just like our own Volcano Turmeric Coffee Recipe.

Making your own Volcano Turmeric Cappuccino

This is the perfect get-up-and-go coffee that energizes and rejuvenates body and mind through the synergy of several of nature’s most potent functional food antioxidants; Coffee, MCT Oil, Turmeric and milk. It’s sugar free and tastes great. We highly recommend removing sugar from all your drinks and you would be surprised how easy this can be when you add healthy fats like Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter which sweetens and mellows the bitterness of pure black coffee.

Volcano Turmeric Coffee Ingredients (aka Turmeric MCT Oil Latte)

  • 1 large cup of freshly made black coffee, preferably with our Organic Aceh Gayo Arabica beans.
  • 1 scoop of KetoCreme Original MCT Powder or 1 teaspoon of MCT Oil.
  • 8 - 12 drops of Turmeric Liquid Gold.
  • Steamed milk and froth.
  • A dash of cocoa powder and cinnamon powder or cinnamon stick.
  • Erythritol or Stevia may be added if some more sweetness is preferred.

Turmeric Liquid Gold Bulletproof CoffeeYou will be surprised at how delicious this coffee is and despite its orange (lava-like) colour it has almost no Turmeric taste because of the unique synergy between our liquid turmeric and the healthy oil ingredients. This super antioxidant coffee is recommended to:

  • Lift your energy
  • Assist mental functioning, concentration and mood
  • Enhance antioxidant and anticancer immunity
  • Promote liver health and detoxification
  • Supports healthy weight loss and fat burning

The secret of coffee preparation for health and disease prevention is to go the extra mile to prepare fresh black coffee from premium Arabica coffee beans. Instant coffee mixes, loaded with sugar and chemical additives / artificial creamers etc., does not make the grade and may even be detrimental to health. Alternately (until you get setup with your own coffee filter or espresso maker) go to a local café and purchase your favourite non-sweetened coffee to which can be added the Volcano Coffee ingredients. Other medicinal and culinary herbs that blend well with your bulletproof coffee includes; Cinnamon, Ginger, Star Anise and Cardamon (as in Arabic or Turkish Coffee).

How much coffee should we consume per day?

Our genes determine our ability to metabolize caffeine so the amount of coffee you drink should be based on your individual caffeine tolerance (which may be easily tested with Nutrigenomics). Some people are very slow metabolizers of caffeine and should not drink coffee or caffeinated beverages at all. Those who enjoy the alertness coffee provides without incurring anxiety or insomnia should still be respectful that as with everything, there's an appropriate dose and an overdose. The picture at the top shows coffee being consumed as a ritual and this is the best way to approach the humble yet powerful coffee bean. In our hyper-agitated modern world coffee is often consumed in excess while our minds are distracted with work stress, forcing our adrenals to produce stress hormones that over time contribute to many health issues. Moderation is key when it comes to making coffee a functional drink to enhance health and well-being.


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