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Tongkat Ali Extract Powder Buy 3 Free 1




Our Highest Strength 100% Water Soluble Extract Promotion

For a limited time only: Buy 3 and receive 1 free of our pure water soluble Tongkat Ali root extract.

Contents: 4 x 60 grams pure water-soluble extract = 240 grams in individual 60gm packs.

For manufacturers:

Unlike many Tongkat Ali extracts available, our water-soluble extract has been especially formulated for maximum flowability and ease of manufacturing into capsules, tablets or liquid mixes. For enquiries about purchasing in bulk or advice on incorporating it into your health products, just drop us an email with your questions.

As a functional food supplement: 

Simply add 1/4 flat teaspoon and mix with coffee or simply add to hot water and sweeten with honey and lemon as desired. If you received a small spoon in your order then this holds 1/4 teaspoon when flat.

Note: Keep refrigerated after opening.

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