Coconut MCT Oil 200ml

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Coconut source MCT Oil for your perfect Bulletproof CoffeeOur Body Hack MCT Oil contains the 2 most easily absorbed components of coconut oil, Caprylic and Capric acids that are rapidly metabolized by the liver to produce fast energy and ketones, a preferred fuel as they do not raise blood sugar or involve insulin production.

When these are burned for fuel by the body then ketones are produced that act as an additional clean fuel that supports many metabolic purposes and healthy cellular functioning. Ketones were first discovered 100 years ago in the livers of healthy people who were fasting or eating a very low carbohydrate and high fat diet but it took an another 60 years to discover that coconut oil was natures richest source of these compounds. By taking MCT Oil in your favorite non-sweetened drink or sprinkled on your favourite low carb food then we can easily enhance the production of natural ketones without the challenges of regular fasting. MCT Oil has the benefit of no taste or smell so you can taken easily by young and old and may even be used in cooking and baking!

Our MCT Oil is 100% Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Halal & Non GMO. Each bottle contains 200mls.

Body Hack MCT Oil is Halal and MeSTI Certified

MCT Oil along with a healthy lifestyle may support:

  • Production of natural ketones, switching your body to enhanced fat burning
  • Increased energy and athletic performance
  • Healthy metabolism and weight loss
  • Natural appetite reduction
  • Increased glycogen sparing for endurance athletes
  • Improved recovery after exercise
  • Brain function, memory and mood

How to take?

As a functional food ingredient added to food and drinks, start with 1 teaspoon (5ml) and gradually increase to 2 teaspoons in your coffee, tea, smoothie, juices, protein shakes or sprinkled onto the foods of choice. MCT Oil can also be used as a substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings and sauces as a source of beneficial fatty acids. Try adding a pinch of Himalayan Rock Salt or natural Sea Salt to your MCT drinks as well. Best to not take on an empty stomach and best when taken with other foods.


Body Hack Coconut MCT Oil for ketogenic weight loss

Notice the energy difference in your gym workouts or if you get tired in the afternoons, add a teaspoon of Coconut MCT Oil to provide an energy boost to help carry you through. Besides increasing physical and mental energy, fat burning and weight loss, there are other important benefits from boosting your metabolic rate: it helps protect you from illness and speeds healing. When metabolism is increased, cells function at a higher rate of efficiency and heal injuries quicker, old and diseased cells are replaced faster, and new cells are generated at an increased rate. Even the immune system functions better. Check out our links below for more info: