• Chronic Stress and Adrenal Function

    The Role of Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue Recovery: Our adrenal glands control our ability to handle stress Long-term stress raises cortisol stress hormone levels which disrupts our hormonal balance and affects blood sugar, blood pressure, libido, sleep etc. If excess cortisol is not brought to ... View Post
  • The Science Behind Phytoestrogens and Female Health

    Pueraria mirifica and hormonal health: There is a sensitive balance between estrogen and progesterone during a womans life and imbalance between these can cause many health issues. This imbalance may be especially prevalent during peri-menopause. Pueraria mirifica is a unique phytoestrogen th... View Post
  • Resistant starch, rice and virgin coconut oil

    There’s been a lot of interest in the use of resistant starch in weight loss and digestive health. In a recent study from Sri Lanka researchers were able to significantly reduce the carbohydrate load of regular rice by adding coconut oil during boiling and then refrigerating the rice overnight, ... View Post
  • Herbs, diabetes and our fat storage gene

    Why has adult onset diabetes become such a common factor in modern living?  The answer is very simple, all animals have evolved to store fat (mice included) and this is achieved through becoming temporarily insulin resistant and pre-diabetic. Why? Because animals have evolved to cope with seasona... View Post
  • Male Hormonal Imbalance and the Mid Life Crisis

    It's the classic scenario, a man in his 50's hits the mid life speed bump and out of the blue buys a sports car or Harley Davidson motorcycle. This is often accompanied by behavioural changes, such as becoming withdrawn and showing signs of depression and irritability. Oftentimes men may start se... View Post
  • Tongkat Ali, Prostate Health and Estrogen Levels in Men

    The connection between prostate health and rising estrogen levels in men is still poorly understood in modern medicine and thus conventional pharmaceutical treatment is missing the root cause and as a result brings a lot of suffering with medications that further reduce an already declining testo... View Post
  • Natural Weight Loss

    Rainforest Herbs basic principles to support natural weight loss that can be maintained even during holidays and festive seasons! Losing weight gets progressively more difficult the older we get and the secret is to implement small but fundamental changes that can be maintained over a long perio... View Post
  • What do the rainforests give us?

    As a medical herbalist I witness daily the health benefits that the plant kingdom provides. As such, a field trip into the Malaysian rain forest is particularly exciting when you consider the enormous biodiversity of plants species that exist. Of these, only a minute percentage has explored for ... View Post