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YumYum Bulk Coconut Butter 5kg

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Buy Coconut Butter in bulk and enjoy using it in all your favourite drinks, baking and desserts! Why? Because Coconut Butter provides all the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil plus coconut proteins and prebiotic fiber and tastes out of this world!

YumYum Organic Coconut Butter MalaysiaWhat makes our YumYum Bulk Coconut Butter so special? Made from 100% fresh whole organic coconuts dehydrated and micro-ground it has an addictive melt in your mouth coconut taste and is the best way to get adults and kids to enjoy Virgin Coconut Oil with even more health benefits! No other ingredients are added.

Coconut Butter adds a deliciously smooth and satisfying coconut richness and can be used as a spread to replace butter, in cooking and baking or directly added to drinks, smoothies, tea or your morning bulletproof coffee. Many love to just take it directly from the Jar on its own! YumYum Bulk Coconut Butter is a completely natural superfood rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) as well as coconut fiber and protein. The MCT oils and fibers in YumYum Bulk Coconut Butter trigger a sense of satisfaction and satiation and allow us to eat less but feel more full and avoid the blood sugar imbalances that lead to snacking between meals. These coconut MCT’s are now seen as an important part of making the healthy transition to a lower carb and higher healthy fat diet that has been shown to boost energy and metabolism, weight loss, prevent diabetes and enhance problems of memory and ageing via the gradual transition to utilizing more MCT fats for energy.

YumYum Bulk Coconut Butter is unsweetened, contains no trans fats, no cholesterol, no GMO ingredients, no preservatives and is non-hydrogenated. It’s gluten free, diary free and completely vegan and vegetarian. The only ingredient is whole fresh organic coconuts! You know how good it is when even your kids love it! Don’t be surprised if your pets also enjoy a spoon or two as many of our customers have found out!

Each box contains 5kg of coconut butter in a heavy duty plastic bag. Maximum 4 boxes (20kg) per online order.

Understanding Cold-Pressed Coconut Butter

Comprised of > 60% Virgin Coconut Oil it will change from a liquid to a solid depending on the outside temperature. In warm or tropical climates then Coconut Butter will be in a thick liquid form whereas in temperate climates it will be in a semi-solid "butter" form. Coconut Butter will only be in its fluffy butter form in temperate room temperatures between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. In tropical countries where the average room temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius then it will remain in a thick liquid form.

As a natural product that does not contain any emulsifiers some rising of the oil and settling of the coconut flour may occur so the 5kg plastic bag can be pressed until the oil and flour mix evenly again. Once the Coconut Butter is fully mixed it should be kept at room temperature. Do not refrigerate as it will become too solid to mix.