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  • Red Tongkat Ali Slices 50 grams
  • Red Tongkat Ali Slices 50 grams

Red Tongkat Ali Slices 50 grams



Malaysian Red Ginseng aka Red Tongkat Ali (scientific name: Jackiopsis ornata) is a rare tree found growing along rivers, sandy or swampy soil in virgin rainforests up to 400 metres altitude in Peninsular Malaysia. Also known as Akar Haji Samad amongst Malay herbalists, the root of this tree has been used by all the indigenous races for relieving joint pains, back ache and for enhancing energy and sexual potency.

The advantage of Red Tongkat Ali over yellow Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is that it has a pleasant ginseng-like taste and hence it is also being promoted as “Red Malaysian Ginseng”.

Each attractive box contains 50 grams of Red Tongkat Ali slices.


To be enjoyed as a tea by simply adding 3-4 small slices to a cup of hot water or 6-8 slices to a pot and let steep for 3 minutes. Try adding a slice of lemon or lime. 

Alternately, add Red Tongkat Ali slices to your favorite herbal recipe. Click here to see some of our favourite Tongkat Ali recipes.

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