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Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon) Tea 25 teabags


Misai Kucing Antioxidant Anti-Inflamatory Herbal Tea that Tastes Great!

Start your day the healthy way as you savor the great tasting Misai Kucing Tea made from the finest Malaysian grown organic Misai Kucing herb and Malaysian Highlands black tea rich in antioxidant polyphenols. Biohealth Herbal tea’s provide a delicious, healthier beverage to be enjoyed every day!

Contents: Misai Kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus) & Malaysian Highlands Black Tea

25 teabags in individual foil sachets to maintain freshness

Directions : Add 1 teabag per cup or 2 per pot. Wait for 1-2 minutes then serve hot. Add a slice of lemon or sweeten to taste if required.


  • Misai Kucing Tea for antioxidant protectionAntioxidant cellular protection
  • Relieves joint inflammation, arthritis and gout
  • Removes excess sodium and helps reduce blood pressure
  • Helps reduce appetite and aids weight loss
  • Assist in promoting healthy blood sugar
  • May be of assistance in kidney stones