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  • Coffee Dripper & Filter Papers - Rainforest Herbs

Coffee Dripper & Filter Papers

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The essence of making the perfect cup of bulletproof coffee is also the simplest method. A great cup of coffee is not dependent on expensive coffee shops or the latest modern equipment. Coffee connoisseurs worldwide agree that the most basic, consistent and time tested method to fully bring out the unique tastes and aroma of premium coffee is with a pour through coffee drip filter. 

Our Rainforest Coffee Aceh Gayo Single Origin Coffee Beans have unique chocolate and caramel notes that fully come alive with this method so here we offer the coffee filter and paper for an affordable price.

All you need is to grind the coffee first and store it in an airtight container. If you do not have a coffee grinder or hand grinder then your spice grinder attachment for your blender also works fine. The trick is to achieve a medium grind that is neither too fine or too course and practice makes perfect.


  1. Insert the paper filter by folding the bottom ridged line of the paper filter so it fits flat against the bottom of the filter, open and place it into the dripper.
  2. Boil filtered water and pour 1/2 cup onto filter paper over sink to saturate the filter paper and to ensure your coffee doesn’t taste like paper.
  3. Add one scoop of coffee powder into scoop provided and place it in the filter paper.
  4. Place the dripper on top of your favourite standard size coffee mug, making sure it fits nicely between the 2 circles at the base of the dripper.
  5. Pour a small amount of boiled water first onto the coffee to wet it and wait 20 seconds, then complete the process by pouring in a circular motion just enough boiled water to fill your mug and let this drip through. If not yet full, fill again and be sure to watch how full your mug is!
  6. Add your favourite Bulletproof ingredients; MCT OIl, KetoCreme MCT Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter or Turmeric Liquid Gold and enjoy!


1 Coffee Dripper, 1 coffee scoop & 90 unbleached filter papers