• Organic Raw Coconut Oil 5 Litres - Rainforest Herbs
  • Organic Raw Coconut Oil 5 Litres - Rainforest Herbs

Organic Raw Coconut Oil 5 Litres

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What is the difference between our Raw Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil?

Rainforest Herbs Organic Raw Coconut Oil is made from dried coconutsBoth are completely unrefined and produced in similar ways by cold-pressing and filtration of organic coconuts, with the difference that Raw Coconut Oil is made from dried coconut meat whereas Virgin Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconuts. The end result is very similar with the advantages that raw coconut oil is more affordable for all the regular uses of Virgin Coconut Oil as a health supplement, cooking oil and in beauty and massage.

Organic Raw Coconut Oil is non-heat treated or refined and is the traditional method used in tropical Asian communities wherever expeller-pressing equipment is available. The slight yellowish colour comes from the coconut being dried with its brown skin attached, whereas this is removed when producing Virgin Coconut Oil. Many customers prefer our Raw Coconut Oil as it has an even sweeter yummy coconut aroma than Virgin Coconut Oil and is especially suited to baking and, of course, its cheaper price makes it more cost effective.


Manufactured from

Manufacturing Process

Physical Characteristics

Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Fresh organic coconuts

Cold expeller pressing and filtering

Natural delicate coconut aroma, flavor and no color at 250 C

Organic Raw Expeller-pressed Coconut Oil

Dried white organic coconuts (copra)

Cold expeller-pressing and filtering

Sweet coconut aroma & light yellowish color at 250 C

Our Organic Raw Coconut Oil is also available in 350ml glass jar.

Organic Certified Raw Coconut Oil

Organic Certified by Control Union


  1. Our 5 litre HDPE containers are made of the safest and most non reactive of all plastic containers and that is why they are most commonly used for liquid foods, like the 1 litre milk containers in your supermarket!
  2. Maximum 4 units per order.
  3. Shelf life is 2 years.