• Organic Coconut Oil - Odourless 125ml

Organic Coconut Oil - Odourless 125ml


All the benefits of Coconut Oil with no aroma!

Our Organic Odourless Coconut Oil is great for traveling when you want to avoid using processed vegetable oils for cooking or as a spread! It has no aroma or flavor so it may be used to replace processed supermarket refined vegetable oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, canola oil etc. These are composed of predominantly Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are quickly oxidized when heated, transforming them into potentially inflammatory or toxic compounds.  Research also suggests that our modern diets contain far in excess of Omega 6 fats and this is contributing to the obesity epidemic and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases.

Rainforest Herbs Organic Coconut Oil is a refined coconut oil made from organic certified coconuts and filtered with organically approved activated charcoal from coconut husks and bentonite clay, removing the coconut odour and colour for greater versatility in cooking! Due to our unique mechanical (chemical free physical method) processing technology we maintain all the goodness without the coconut taste and aroma. Our Organic Coconut Oil is non-hydrogenated and contains no trans fats and no cholesterol! This is premium grade Coconut Oil for both cooking and baking or for cosmetic and beauty purposes when no aroma is preferred. This is not to be compared with low quality RBD coconut oil produced by chemical extraction that can never be organic certified.

Always look for Organic Certified!

Our refined coconut oil is organic and halal certified