• Hempedu Bumi Plus (Andrographis paniculata) Extract Capsules for liver
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Hempedu Bumi Plus Capsules 60's


Hempedu Bumi Plus Capsules

Hempedu Bumi Plus (Andrographis) 60 Capsules

Hempedu Bumi Plus combines 3 standardized extracts of tropical Asia's most powerful antioxidant and cellular protection standardized herbal extracts and is recommended for strengthening and protecting the liver and digestive system from free radical damage from dietary and environmental toxins.

  • Hempedu Bumi (Andrographis paniculata) Extract 150mg
  • Pokok Dukung Anak (Phyllanthus niruri) Extract 100mg
  • Kunyit (Curcuma longa) or Turmeric Extract 100mg


    Recommended Dosage: 2 capsules with meals twice daily.

    Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

    Approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health MAL05061624T and manufactured in a GMP Facility