Gayo Arabica Premium Coffee Beans 200gm

  • RM35.90 MYR

Rainforest Coffee MalaysiaAceh Gayo Highlands Artisan Single Origin


Premium Grade hand-picked single origin (medium to dark) roasted Arabica coffee beans from the natural rainforests and volcanic fertile soils of the Gayo Highland in Aceh, Sumatra. The low acidity and superior aroma makes Aceh Gayo highland coffee one of the most highly sought after coffees by connoisseurs for its sweet, silky and earthy chocolate notes.

The Indonesian Gayo highlands rise from a volcanic lake in the city of Tekengon and possess a distinctive volcanic soil, perfect climate and ideal Arabica coffee altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. Our beans are grown by our own family business, CV Aceh Organic using traditional organic farming methods. The unique rich soils, micro-climate and surrounding protected rainforests (the largest National Park reserve in Southeast Asia) provide a natural buffer from the pests and diseases seen in the large commercial coffee plantations monocultures in other parts of the world.

We handpick only the best ripest coffee cherry to ensure consistent quality for our beans. These coffee cherries are then processed to peel and separate the red skin and fermented for 24 hours before hygenically washing. The green coffee beans then undergo 2 stages of controlled drying and then are sorted and graded to ensure only the best quality beans are roasted for use in our Aceh Gayo Arabica Single Origin Coffee.

This is the perfect premium coffee to complement our Bulletproof Coffee ingredients; MCT Oil and KetoCreme MCT Powder!