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  • Double Active Virgin Coconut Oil with grape resveratrol

Double Active Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • RM35.85 MYR

with Grape Antioxidants & Grape Extract Resveratrol

Double active virgin coconut oil may be of assistance for:
  • Enhanced metabolism & weight Loss
  • Nature’s most important antioxidants for cellular protection and cancer prevention
  • Protection from nervous system degeneration
  • Skin health and beauty
  • Lighter complexion and reduction in pigmentation spots


As a food supplement: Take 1 teaspoon daily (5 ml = 10mg Grape Antioxidantsl).

Taste: The product has a fresh virgin coconut oil taste only

Internally: For general health for all take 1 teaspoon with meals.

For Alzheimers sufferers and the elderly to improve energy release in the brain, it may be taken 2-3 times daily (every 4 hours). In these circumstances a Paleo style diet to promote a gentle ketogenic effect will greatly assist this process.

Externally: Apply to skin and hair morning and night or as required. Very suitable for skin blemishes and dark spots.

Suitable for use by both young and old.

As some settling may occur, shake before use.

Do not refrigerate as Virgin Coconut Oil will solidify below 24 degrees C. If solidified simply place bottle in warm water until liquid.