Free Ketone Breath Meter - Malaysia customers only!

Our Ketone Breath Meter is available free of charge for Malaysia based customers that order more than RM588.00 only! Take the guesswork out of fat burning by measuring ketones easily at your convenience!

Ketones may be measured in either our blood, urine or the most non-intrusive method of all, from the breath. The 3 ketones produced when we breakdown fat for energy are; Acetoacetate (AcAc), Beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) and Acetone. While blood ketone measuring is the most famous it is not as convenient as it does involve drawing a tiny drop of blood to apply to the ketone strip. Our preference is breath ketone measuring that measures acetone on the breath providing a strong 100% non-invasive reading of the overall level of ketosis that one is in in seconds!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Purchase more than RM588.00 of Rainforest Herbs Products and receive our D&A Ketone Breath Meter free of charge (normal price RM350.00). Offer available only for Malaysia based customers!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Total product purchase in a single order must be > RM588.00
  2. Applicable on orders of all products except those on our BULK DEALS & PROMOTIONS PAGE.
  3. Order must include at least one of our MCT or Coconut Oil products.
  4. Limited to 1 unit per customer only.
  5. Our Ketone Breath Meter is not for sale individually so don't miss this opportunity, only available for Malaysia based orders and only while stocks last!


  • Ketone Breath Detection Device (White)
  • Unit conversions of Ketosis level detected
  • Built-in Mouthpiece (replaceable mouthpiece units)
  • Blacklight digital LCD Display Screen
  • Lightweight stylish design and patented product
  • Detection and Result reporting within quick time
Ketone Breath Meter as part of your Keto Diet Malaysia


  1. Press the power button for two (2) seconds whereby the device will turn on and beep.
  2. Three (3) coloured lights will appear on the device screen and begin to warm up within 10 - 30 seconds, then the device is ready for testing.
  3. Once warm up is complete, the device will beep and signify the "Blow" instruction.
  4. Hold the mouthpiece in your mouth and blow with reasonably strong intensity power over a period of 10 seconds. Breather from the end of your breath (DO NOT take a deep breath beforehand)
  5. It is recommended that the user blows for the full 10 seconds so that there is sufficient time for the sensor to detect the ketones within the breath.
  6. Results are shown in mmol/l
  7. Once the full "blow" period has been completed, the device will report the necessary reading by showing "Result" on the screen.
  8. Device readings will display for 15 seconds on the screen and thereafter the device will automatically power down.
  9. Green Light will show for successful Ketosis Reading, Red Light for Unsuccessful and Amber Light for Low Battery Power.


Ketone Breath Meter Testing in Malaysia

When starting out on the keto diet the beginning range is between 0.5 mmol/L to 1.5 mmol/L, and this is the positive sign that you have activated fat metabolism and are producing ketones. From here if you further reduce all refined carbohydrates and start taking MCT Oil or cooking with coconut oil then you can progress to the next stage of “optimal ketosis” when your ketone levels are between 1.5 mmol/L to 3.0 mmol/L. After exercising under ketosis or during fasting then it is normal for ketone levels to fluctuate between the 3.0 mmol/L to 8.0 mmol/L and should return to the optimal range after the fast or exercise has ended. Of course if ketone levels are maintained over 8.0 mmol/L then it can be a sign of ketoacidosis or several other possible causes and one should immediately see one's medical professional.

If you are having trouble achieving ketosis? The secret to achieving optimal ketosis is also about what you do not do, what you remove from your diet, as this will have the greatest overall effect. Aside from the normal foods to avoid; all grains, sugars, potatoes and refined starches and processed foods some people are not achieving ketosis due to fruit intake, alcohol and other sweet drinks and juices or other hidden carbohydrates in your food and drinks. Excess meat and protein can also be another issue as this will also result in an insulin response and a peak of blood glucose that knocks you out of ketosis.

After several months of being on the keto diet then our metabolic flexibility is reinstated and it becomes easier to cycle in and out of ketosis as required. If you have already achieved your target weight and energy levels and dealt with any health issues that may have inspired you to follow the keto diet in the 1st place then it's no longer necessary to be in optimal ketosis all the time.

We also recommend that for long-term health and longevity that ones diet should contain less protein and that vegetables such as green leafy and cruciferous veges should form the bulk of the diet. Along with the medium chain triglycerides found in MCT Oil and Coconut Oil one's diet should also include Virgin Olive Oil for non-cooking purposes as well as high EPA/DHA fish oil to reduce inflammation and ensure optimal cellular health.


  • Ketone Breath Meter (White)
  • 5 x Mouthpieces
  • Pouch
  • Instruction Manual

Note: 2 x AA Batteries not included

    Ketone Breath Meter Malaysia
    • Alcohol can produce a false ketone reading
    • Maintain good levels of hydration for accurate reporting
    • Blow slowly and at reasonable intensity for accurate readings