Weight loss body hacks to turn fat into energy

Body hacking refers to the lifestyle tweaks we can perform to enhance human performance. The principle body hack to lose weight is to activate a natural process called "ketogenesis" that we normally only experience when we are fasting. Scientists have discovered a shortcut to this process that involves adding specific oils and fats, particularly MCT Oil, to our diets and restricting refined sugars, starches and all processed foods.

Bulletproof coffee MCT body hackLosing weight gets progressively more difficult the older we get and the secret is to implement small but fundamental changes that can be maintained over a long period of time, indeed for the rest of your life. We can enjoy many of the foods we love but we need to tweak them to support metabolism and fat burning and not fat gain. The basic principles are:

  1. Start your day the bulletproof way. This means real bulletproof black coffee with our Body Hack MCT Oil or KetoCreme MCT Powder and Organic Coconut Butter. To read more about Bulletproof Coffee click here. By the way it works equally well in tea or other drinks!
  2. Remove refined sugars your diet in all forms. Sugar is the key orchestrator of inflammation leading to obesity, insulin resistance and high LDL cholesterol. We promote a step by step process of incorporating low carbohydrate and healthy fats to your current diet. This includes increasing non-starchy vegetables, nuts and berries with high quality oils and fats. Protein from meat, fish, eggs should be from grass-fed or organic source and not be excessive in quantity. Not included is refined, processed foods, low fat foods and foods with chemical additives.
  3. Move more. Adopt a more active lifestyle and an exercise program that supports the growth of lean muscle mass.
  4. Practice Intermittent Fasting. Research has shown that fasting extends our memory and lifespan due to the protective effects of the ketones produced on our brain and nervous systems.
  5. Weight loss body hacks to turn fat into energyCook with Coconut Oil and add coconut products to your diet. These contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) that support weight loss. Replace processed polyunsaturated oils in your kitchen with Virgin Coconut Oil and Odourless Coconut Oil. Stop buying white sugar and replace it with Coconut Sugar and try introducing Coconut Flour for healthier baking and desserts.
  6. Women - Enjoy Moringa Tea & Misai Kucing Tea. Their unique anti-inflammatory properties supports the switch to fat burning.
  7. Men - Support Testosterone with Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali has been shown to deal with declining testosterone and hormonal imbalance in middle aged men that negatively influences weight gain.

We are faced with a race against time as our bodies cannot withstand a diet and lifestyle that is not in harmony with our evolution indefinitely. When we are young we can usually get away with a much higher form of dietary and lifestyle abuse but eventually the punishment will become apparent in disease and the necessity to take some form of pharmaceutical medicine. Once we reach this point of pharmaceutical dependency then we are often caught in the web and our condition only deteriorates unless more dramatic changes in improving health are made. To achieve this we may need to educate ourselves on a completely new model of health.

These straightforward body hacks have been shown to be effective in achieving natural weight loss while also improving health and disease prevention as we age. If you have an existing illness and are on doctor prescribed medication then feel free to email us your specific enquiry and always consult with your healthcare provider before making changes if chronic health issues are present.

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